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How brands are losing out without eCommerce content generation tools

12:50 pm GMT

April 6, 2022

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AI-powered copywriting assistants that specialize in eCommerce are growing fast. With a few lines of text, you can generate product descriptions, ad descriptions, full blog articles & ideas and much more. Automated content generation boosts copywriters & content teams’ productivity by up to 5 times within eCommerce brands, marketing teams, freelancers and agencies – this dramatically decreases content creation costs.

Unlike generic AI writers, with AI assistants built for eCommerce, brands can access copy tailored for their niche, product management functionality and bulk product content generation such as updating your catalogues with just a few clicks.

In this article, we look into the ways eCommerce brands are missing out by not using eCommerce tools like Shopia:

Your content strategy is limited by the costs, complexity & speed of your content creation process

It’s a lot of work managing the quality of content from your writing team and keeping your content up to date. With content generators, you’ll consistently have SEO-optimized content with a data-driven approach to copy that sells.

You lose sales while waiting on content

Shopia rids writer’s block and content teams build publish-ready content up to 5 times faster.

Expanding to new channels & audiences adds complexity and the costs make it unfeasible

You can generate new product descriptions for your whole store simply by connecting it to Shopia. Produce content at scale as soon as you need it.

It’s hard to quality check & update content

With our tool, you’ll consistently have SEO-optimized content with a data-driven approach to copy that sells. Hard knowing the quality of copy from human writers – Are you checking every description is optimal for search engine rankings? Start from AI content drafts designed from top-ranking content for your niche.

How AI writing assistants for eCommerce can benefit you

Product description generator – Updated catalogues with a few clicks

Outdated content is lost traffic and sales – Updating content regularly becomes increasingly complex as your business grows and with complexity comes costs. Old product descriptions are no longer optimized to the latest SEO trends and search engines favour newly updated content – With Shopia you update whole catalogues in one click from old/vendor descriptions and tags.

Description automation & optimization for new products

When you manage new products with AI writers, just add a title and a couple of keywords/tags and your AI assistant will generate content for you.

Regular blog posts – Most brands lose customers by not gaining topic authority

You can’t establish topical authority in your niche with an article a week – Backlinks are not quite what they used to be. Though still a staple of any SEO strategy, the top performers are dishing out content every day to establish topic authority.

Missing out on traffic and potential customers by not posting enough content – It takes a few months for content to rank & often brands don’t build an optimal foundation of content early as it takes time to see the benefits.

How a small content team can manage 1000’s products

We’ve seen firsthand the smallest of content teams handle 1000’s of SKUs, regular blog posts & ad copy each month. One thing these teams have in common is a product management system so everyone knows the status of each product across multiple channels. Here’s what most content teams have to deal with:

Product versioning becomes a mess

Multiple channels end up with versions of your product descriptions everywhere and it’s hard to review the status and progression of your content.

There are constant review meetings

You spend hours keeping up to speed with your content team’s progress on copy. With Shopia you can oversee products that are done, ready to be reviewed, and who’s doing what.

Scaling to multiple international markets is daunting

Outsourcing human writers for multilanguage content becomes complex, hard to quality check, and costly.

  1. It’s complicated moving into international markets – With Shopia you have quality content SEO optimized for your language of choice the second you need it & you now have an affordable, low commitment way to test out your performance in multiple international markets.
  2. Simply translating descriptions loses you traffic – simply translating results in missing out on keyword SEO optimization based on region and lost traffic.

How eCommerce brands & agencies change when adopting these tools

We decided to review how user’s businesses had changed after using Shopia regularly for 2+ months – Here are 3 common ways:

  1. They moved their content creation completely in-house at a significantly reduced cost to their outsourcing budget.
  2. They scaled their content creation dramatically – particularly by trying out new international markets – Shopia can read and write in 7+ languages & create SEO-optimized content based on region.
  3. Content teams as small as 2 copywriters are managing 1000’s SKUs, daily blog content and all the ad copy they want with management & marketing having transparent access to their progress on building & updating content.

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