AI Chat - superior research, with your personality.

Like ChatGPT, but with access to Google, YouTube, and your files, to help you write and research using your voice.

Join 100,000+ marketing teams, freelancers & agencies

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Your data, your voice.

An AI Personality defines its Voice and Knowledge. Use it in chat to write and research like you.

Build a Knowledge Base

Upload files and URLs to expand the AI's Knowledge.

Define a Voice

Dictate the AI's writing style and tone to give it personality.

Chat over files and URLs

Retrieve information, answer queries, and write content.

Autonomous Web Browsing.

Shopia Chat can be your research assistant, helping you find answers, or summarize content from Google, YouTube, or any URLs you have.

Google Search

YouTube Search

URL Scraping

Create content.

Ask chat to generate ideas, revise your content, write your emails and so much more.


Brainstorm blog outlines, write articles, or edit sections.


Draft email responses, cold emails and promotional emails.


Create ad copy, find marketing angles, or write marketing copy.

Social Media

Create X posts, instagram captions, and YouTube scripts.


Write a business plan, product descriptions, and more.

Much more

Simply ask and Shopia Chat will find a way to help you.

Do more than just chat.

Combine Chat with other tools

No need to juggle several tabs, do everything in Shopia. Combine Chat with the editor, Templates and Research features to get more done, in one place.

Rated 5 stars on all major review platforms.

Verified User
eCom Manager
capterra-seeklogoRead More
Shopia’s AI writer makes it easy to create content that sounds natural. Can’t believe we managed to scale our international content marketing strategy with a single in-house writer while keeping our content quality standards high!
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Marketing Consultant
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If you are serious about content marketing, you’re gonna love this:I love that I can upload all of my clients' products at once and generate descriptions for whole catalogs.
Harley H
Harley H
Content Writer
g2-seeklogoRead More
This company is seriously amazing and they care so much about their users. They quickly implement any features that their users request. I can’t recommend Shopia highly enough.
capterra-seeklogoRead More
The interface is very user-friendly, and the support team is always ready to help and listen to feedback.
Roman Perry
Roman Perry
Marketing Consultant
g2-seeklogoRead More
This software is essential for any serious marketer. It’s the tool our content team uses everyday to write our product descriptions, ads and blog articles. It’s without a doubt my favorite software of the year.
Content Creator
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Shopia is my new secret weapon for content creation. I’m not sure how my clients would feel if they saw how fast I create content. Anyway, they’re certainly getting more value – Shopia has taken my copywriting to the next level!
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This app is great! I’m a pretty good copywriter, but this thing is even better! It saves me a ton of time coming up with fresh content. Simply from product titles and imported tags, it spits out awesome content!
Zain U.
Zain U.
Self-employed Writer
Read More
It's so easy to use. Even though I'm a writer myself, I like that it generates the whole blog post with a single click. And, guess what? The quality is great, too!

Frequently Asked Questions.

ChatGPT is a form of generative AI developed by OpenAI. Using AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) it is capable of understanding human queries and respond in very natural and conversational way.

ChatGPT and other variants (GPT-3.5 & GPT-4) have been able to achieve state-of-art performance when it comes to generating text. This is now being utilised to help in all sorts of domains such as content creation, customer support, writing code, and much more.

While there is a lot of overlap between ChatGPT and Shopia Chat, Shopia Chat leverages GPT-4 in the backend but also includes additional functionality designed specifically to help users with research and content creation. 

Unlike ChatGPT, Shopia’s interface allows users to use a chatbot and a text editor side-by-side. This reduces any friction when it comes to writing, editing and researching content.

In addition, Shopia Chat contains advanced research capabilities not available even in ChatGPT Plus such as the ability to browse the web in-depth. While ChatGPT’s web browsing is great at answering questions from the web, Shopia takes things a step further by looking at more sources at once before returning an answer. Not only that, Shopia is able to browse Google and YouTube, whereas ChatGPT is limited to Bing.

For a tutorial on how Shopia Chat works, check out our YouTube video here to get an in-depth tutorial.

Shopia gives new users 5,000 words completely free to try out all its features including the Shopia Chat. Just sign up now and give it a try!

Yes, Shopia uses GPT-4. However, you can always switch to GPT-3.5 to reduce the amount of words charged.

Shopia supports over 30 languages including different formality for select languages. 

You can find the list of supported languages here. If you don’t find the language you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll see if we can include it.

Start a new kind of conversation.

Shopia Chat uniquely combines content creation, and advanced research tasks to help you significantly improve your productivity.