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Access the most comprehensive set of content creation tools at 30% less costs compared to Jasper. Shopia seamlessly connects your existing apps to Shopia Chat, advanced article & template builders, content grading and more.

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Feature Comparison



AI chat functionality
Content Management
Team collaboration
AI image generation
AI Templates
AI Template builder
Advanced 3000+ word article builder
Bulk Generators
Bulk research tools
Internal content grading & SEO reports
AI detection tools
Blog & content planning tools




Additional Costs
Teams Mode only

Customer Support.

Email Support
Live Chat

Monthly plans.

Unlimited / Creator
Business / Teams

Annual plans.

Unlimited / Creator
Business / Teams

All the tools you need, all in one place.

Write and chat at the same time.

No more switching tabs between chat and your document, Shopia’s dynamic UI allows you to edit your document and chat simultaneously.

One command, multiple tasks.

Shopia Chat runs complex tasks across multiple Google searches, files & other resources at once to provide you with comprehensive answers

Rank on Google with competitor research.

Add a focus keyword to find top ranking pages online. Analyze these pages to extract keywords, winning outlines, talking points and FAQs to incorporate into your article.

Write personalized, factually accurate content.

Attach resources such as URLs or your own files to a section and Shopia will analyse them and write credible and original content for your article.

Scale with bulk generation.

Try out bulk generators for any AI template or our bulk generator designed for full-length articles

Content & blog planning.

Always know what page to write next for your website.

1,000,000+ words generated everyday

Rated 5 stars:

Verified User
eCom Manager
capterra-seeklogoRead More
Shopia’s AI writer makes it easy to create content that sounds natural. Can’t believe we managed to scale our international content marketing strategy with a single in-house writer while keeping our content quality standards high!
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Marketing Consultant
capterra-seeklogoRead More
If you are serious about content marketing, you’re gonna love this:I love that I can upload all of my clients' products at once and generate descriptions for whole catalogs.
Harley H
Harley H
Content Writer
g2-seeklogoRead More
This company is seriously amazing and they care so much about their users. They quickly implement any features that their users request. I can’t recommend Shopia highly enough.
capterra-seeklogoRead More
The interface is very user-friendly, and the support team is always ready to help and listen to feedback.
Roman Perry
Roman Perry
Marketing Consultant
g2-seeklogoRead More
This software is essential for any serious marketer. It’s the tool our content team uses everyday to write our product descriptions, ads and blog articles. It’s without a doubt my favorite software of the year.
Content Creator
Read More
Shopia is my new secret weapon for content creation. I’m not sure how my clients would feel if they saw how fast I create content. Anyway, they’re certainly getting more value – Shopia has taken my copywriting to the next level!
Read More
This app is great! I’m a pretty good copywriter, but this thing is even better! It saves me a ton of time coming up with fresh content. Simply from product titles and imported tags, it spits out awesome content!
Zain U.
Zain U.
Self-employed Writer
Read More
It's so easy to use. Even though I'm a writer myself, I like that it generates the whole blog post with a single click. And, guess what? The quality is great, too!

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