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Shopia's shopify integration helps eCommerce brands take their content marketing to the next level with AI-powered content. It's hard to manage the quality and costs of content creation as your business grows. We provide a data driven and scalable solution to generate high quality copy, generate more traffic and reach your target audience in multiple languages.

1. Connect to Shopify

Use our 1 click integration to Shopify – Sign in and you’re ready to install our app and import your catalogs

2. Generate your content

Generate fresh, new content for whole catalogs in seconds with our bulk product description generator (fresh content is great for SEO and generating more traffic)!

3. Publish To Your Store

Select & edit descriptions then publish multiple products to your Shopify store directly from our app with 1 click.

24/7 Customer Support

Get the help you need, when you need it. We have an experienced team of professionals who are happy to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you get your work done.

Scale your Shopify store

Increase your content teams productivity by up to 70% & dramatically reduce writing costs with our all in one AI content platform for e-commerce

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Generate multiple pieces of content free. No credit card required.

Flexible pricing

Plans and pricing for all business sizes.


Anyone he needs content for anything related to e-commerce can benefit from shopia. Here’s a list of common use cases:

  • Rid writers block with content drafts and improve your teams  productivity
  • AB testing –  Create multiple variations of content with ease (test new products or update your old descriptions)
  • Fully automated solutions – Get new content imported to your existing systems in seconds for new products via API with custom AI models to fit your brand and audience. For more information see our API & Documentation. uses state of the art AI technology such as OpenAi’s GPT3 models with an easy to use interface for you to produce sales & seo-driven content such as product descriptions, blog posts and ad descriptions at scale.

You simply add a couple details such as product features or a topic to write about and your AI assistant will generate content for you.

Set up in minutes and keep your products in sync with your marketing strategy and your customers happy.

We currently provide AI writers for the following content:

Full blog article writer – including topic ideas

Product Descriptions

Ads optimized for Instagram, Facebook or Google Ads

Get original content for your store, site , blogs and social media. Our AI powered system creates and checks new content through

Shopia is designed to generate unique and fresh content even when your products details are very similar to each other.



Shopia is compatible with all your favourite e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Wix & Etsy.

With out free tier plan you can start creating multiple pieces of content for free each month.

Our priced monthly plans start at £20 billed monthly with the following prices:

  • Product descriptions – $0.26
  • Ads (Google, Facebook or Insta) – $0.26
  • Blog article from outline – $0.52

Note – you are able to generate multiple options and variations free for each item so you can select the best copy for your needs

For more information please see our pricing.

try the Shopia free tier plan to make multiple product descriptions blogs and ads at no cost at all. We’ll renew your account with free credits every month.

Free tier credits equate to one of the following monthly usages:

  • 10 product descriptions per month (up to 9 options per description)
  • 10 Ads per month (up to 9 options per ad)
  • 5 blog posts per month


To learn more head to our pricing page.

our models have been trained to handle multi-language inputs and output content up to our quality standards for 7 supported languages:

English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Many languages are in our beta programme while we continue to make quality tests.

If you are interested in languages that are not listed please contact us today.